How might computerized communication be utilized to improve the effectiveness of communication in a bureaucratic organization?

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A bureaucratic organization typically has a high level of collaboration with numerous departments within the organization. They usually interact with a large volume of people both inside and outside the organization, so it is important for communication to be as clear as possible.

Computerized communication is one way to deliver effective communication to all needed parties, and technology is increasingly making this easier than ever before. Emails have been utilized for quite some time, but the ability to craft personalized messages, even when sending mass emails, is growing. With mail-merge capabilities and other platforms an organization might purchase, it becomes possible to quickly insert various data into bulk emails. For example, an email might be sent to everyone in the company that contains the same basic sales report, but it is possible for each person to receive relevant data about their personal performance. Such a message might look something like this:

We appreciate the work of the entire team on last week's client recruitment effort. Sarah, you made 15 phone contacts and had 3 personal meetings. This exceeds the average number of contacts for your department.

In this example, everything in bold represents a customized field that would vary for each person receiving the communication. This greatly streamlines communication within the organization and is also an efficient means of reporting and accountability.

Computerized communication can also be utilized to keep everyone in the organization on track with deadlines. It is possible to send out text reminders or alerts on a shared company calendar to ensure all needed parties are aware of important functions. People within the company might receive alerts fifteen minutes before a meeting begins, the day before a big presentation is due, or a week before a planned company showcase. These reminders are often helpful tools of communication in organizations with lots of people who are responsible for a wide variety of tasks.

It's also possible to use technology to analyze the data of computerized communication efforts. Which tools lead to the greatest interactions with clients? Which tools lead to positive employee performance? Computerized communication is more easily trackable, which also makes it easier to replicate things that lead to improved organizational performance.

Computerized communication also lends itself to shared documents and data available on shared servers or cloud space. This makes it easy for people in different locations to work on projects and documents together in real time, lessening the possibility of miscommunication.

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