How might a Christian wedding reflect Christian beliefs?

Expert Answers
kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A Christian wedding reflects Christian beliefs through the recitation of Scripture and adherence to customs or traditions associated with Christianity.  The fact of the wedding, rather than the option of cohabitation absent a government or church-sanctioned union, can, in itself, constitute a Christian (or Jewish, or Muslim, or Hindu) act.  With regard to the mechanics of the ceremony, however, the “Christianity” is derived from the performance of the church-sanctioned ceremony in a House of God (although, weddings can be religious without taking place in a church, temple, etc.) in which Christian liturgy forms the basis of the proceedings. Within the parameters of Christianity, though, there is wide latitude with regard to the precise scriptural readings selected.  The key element, however, is fealty to the teachings of Jesus Christ, without whom, needless to say, there would be no Christianity.

devinsmith | Student

A Christian wedding reflects their religious beliefs through the use of scripture. Many Christian marriage ceremonies consist mainly of a priest reading from the bible, which in some cases can cause a ceremony to go over the average time. Some sects of Christianity, such as Catholicism, have very specific additions to that ceremony. Also, as a general rule, most Christian weddings take place either inside or in front of a church.