How might the change from normadic life to permanent settlements have occurred?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many changes that can account for the transition between nomadic life and permanence.  Of these changes, the one that is the most compelling is the notion of economics.  I think that a very strong connection between people discovering the material wealth as acquired by wealth and permanent settlements being established.  The best example in my mind of this would be the period of industrialization in Europe and America, where people moved from the rural outskirts and into the city because that was where the factories and industry based jobs were located.  It was at this particular moment in time when people started to identify with their jobs and the subsequent compensation as an extension of themselves, reflective of their efforts.  This is also probably the best moment when people became separated or alienated from their work.  In doing so, the strong connection between people's labor and their payment for said work translated to people living where they worked, decreasing the nomadic existence and increasing permanent settlements.  I think you can find different examples where this change might have happened, but I feel this particular example is the most compelling.