How is Bottom's character the opposite of Theseus's character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream?

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Bottom is the complete opposite of Theseus's character in that Bottom is conceited, irrational, and allows himself to be governed by illusions. In contrast, Theseus is one of our only rational characters in the story. Theseus represents a rational and noble-minded leader of Athens.

We especially see Bottom's conceit when, in his enthusiasm, he envisions himself playing every major role in Quince's play. Bottom has especially been asked to play the male lead, Pyramus, because Bottom is apparently the best looking and most well-spoken member of their crude little company, as we learn from Quince's lines:

You can play no part but Pyramus; for Pyramus is a sweet-faced man; a proper man ... a most lovely gentleman-like man. (I.ii.77-78)

However, when Flute hesitates to accept the part of the Thisbe, female lead, Bottom gets overly excited and asks to play that part as well, thinking that he could imitate a woman's voice well. He further gets...

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