How might an experiment be relevant in a regular day to day use?

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any time an individual has a problem they wish to solve, an experiment can be performed in order to test your hypothesis(possible solution) to this problem. This involves the scientific method of problem solving. One states a problem, gathers known information regarding this problem. One then states a hypothesis, based on an educated guess as to the solution of the problem. One then performs a test or experiment to see if their hypothesis is correct or not. The experiment must test only one variable at a time, use a large sample and must be able to be repeated many times to get an accurate result. The data must be analyzed and a conclusion can then be arrived at. A good scientist shares their conclusions with others.

dserteach | Student

Regular day to day use....hmmmm....When you get up in the morning you ask the question; what will I wear today? You first research the question; what is clean, what is ironed and what do I have in the closet that I haven't worn recently. After the research you put together an outfit (hypothesis formed NOT BY GUESSING! but based on research and past experiences) and experiment by putting your choices on and looking in the mirror. If you do not get the answer to your question (what to wear), you would alter the components and try again until you come up with an acceptable combination of clothes for school. You would keep a mental record so that next time you would be able to come up with this combination another day, thus saving you precious time allowing you to gulp down a coke and a twinkie for breakfast. Later, your experimentation will be peer reviewed when you get to school and your classmates critique your selection of garments. Given sufficient compliments you will store this in your memory bank as a successful journey in day to day logical thinking (some might say scientific method). Others in your community might try the same experiment on their physique and report back to you their success or failure to obtain your same positive results.