In the TV show How I Met Your Mother, the season 5 episode "Perfect Week" involves a string of one-night-stands. How might this shape a person's view of sexual relationships?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Perfect Week" is a season-5 episode of the popular TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In it, the character Barney (played by Neil Patrick Harris) attempts to sleep with a different woman each night of the week.

The concept of a "Perfect Week" does not necessarily refer to sexual activity, but since the character of Barney is an unrepentant womanizer, he uses the term to mean that he will hit on and then sleep with a different woman each night, without being rejected. Barney's view of sex and relationships is a damaged one; he views the act as nothing more than a fun activity between acquaintances and relationships as constricting. His actions are immature, and his oblivious nature towards the woman he seduces show that he is not fully aware that actions have consequences.

Almost nothing on TV should be used to teach about personal relationships, and this particular episode is a good example of how television shows an alternative to reality. If one were to take the episode as a teachable moment, it would seem that there is no bad side to being a womanizer; the women seem happy, Barney is happy, and there are no downsides or consequences. In reality, men and women usually feel a deep connection in their sexual relationships; Barney's actions would result in hurt feelings and anger. A person whose view of sex is "shaped" by this episode would be unable to commit to a relationship or experience a connection with people, and he would likely alienate his friends and family with his uncaring actions.