In How I Met Your Mother "Perfect Week" (Season 5 Episode 14), can someone tell me how  this show could help to shape how the way sex is viewed?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On the most basic of levels, sex might be seen as a competition through the viewing of the episode.  The idea of a "perfect week" is when Barney is able to go seven- for- seven in terms of having sex with anyone woman he wishes without rejection.  The mere percentage aspect of sex along with the fact that he seems to be giving a play- by- play analysis through the inclusion of Jim Nantz seems to make sex more of a game, a type of conquest whereby the individual is pitted against the athletic idea.  When Nantz asks Barney about taking sexual enhancement drugs, Barney denies it saying he "has too much respect for the game."  I think that this is something that helps to trivialize sex into a type of competition.  Such a vision also creates the idea that men's sexual conquest adds to a social construction of masculinity.  Barney is revered for going 7 for 7, his tie being retired and he being carted off as if he was a gladiator defeating a worthy adversary.  This becomes the way sex is viewed in the episode, without any of the emotional or physical repercussions.  Rather, Barney is vaulted and praised for his cavalier attitude towards sex, primarily because the concept of a "perfect week" is seen in the same notion as perfection on the athletic field and some type of contest against an athletic ideal.