Does "How I Met My Husband" contain elements of fantasy?

Expert Answers
Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"How I Met My Husband" is a realistic story, so there are no elements of fantasy in terms of other worlds, imaginary creatures, or supernatural events. However, there are elements of fantasy in terms of Edie's dreams and aspirations. A poor girl of fifteen, just coming of age, Edie works for Mrs. Peebles in her employer's fine house among her fine belongings. Edie admires Mrs. Peebles' new kitchen appliances and dreams of having her own home one day. Edie tries on one of Mrs. Peebles' beautiful gowns and dreams of her own womanhood.

Edie's fantasies about her own future, however, are most strongly developed in her relationship with the handsome young pilot, Chris Watters, who literally flies into her life one day, landing his small plane in the fairgrounds across the street. Edie becomes acquainted with Chris, and then she becomes romantically attached to him. When Chris kisses her, Edie takes the kiss to be a promise of a future life with him. When Chris says he will write to her, she believes him. After Chris leaves, he does not write, but Edie holds on to her fantasy for a long time, checking the mailbox each day for a letter. Eventually Edie falls in love with a man who does love her, and her fantasies are replaced by reality. Many of her dreams come true, but not in the way she had once imagined.