How is Meimei's relationship with her mother like a game of chess?  

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Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan is a short story narrated by a young Chinese-American girl named Waverly Jong, known to her family as Meimei. Meimei, who becomes an excellent chess player, is in a constant power struggle with her mother. Her mother is extremely strict as she tries to teach Chinese cultural values to her children.

As Meimei’s mother consistently attempts to influence her daughter, Meimei responds by trying to resist her mother’s control. This mother-daughter conflict is where we can see a parallel to the game of chess. Chess is a game of strategy, and it is very similar to war. Because of the confidence and strategic skills she gained from playing chess, Meimei asserts her dominance in the relationship for the first time.

At the end of the story, Meimei’s narration directly compares her mother to a chess opponent. She says:

In my head, I saw a chessboard with sixty-four black and white squares. Opposite me was my opponent, two angry black slits. She wore a...

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