How does the media affect our life?  

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The media has a big impact on our life. The media is able to shape public opinion by how they present a story or if they present a story at all. The television news media may show images that could make one side of a story look really good or really bad. For example, the media could cover a story about how people in refugee camps are affected by war. If they choose to neglect that those people may be doing things that are causing the war, these people may be viewed as innocent victims instead of being part of the cause of the conflict.

In the events leading to the Spanish-American War, the news media reported on events in Cuba that made the Spanish look very bad. The news media over-exaggerated the events in Cuba using a practice called yellow journalism. The American public had no idea if the stories were factually accurate or not. Thus, they believed the stories as written, not knowing that they were embellished.

If a person were to listen to Fox News, they will get stories that tend to support positions of conservatives and the Republican Party. If they listen to MSNBC, they will get stories that tend to support the positions of liberals and the Democratic Party. By choosing which events to cover and how they cover those events, the media is able to influence us.