How may the human resource department improve its support of the operations function? 

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The principal functions of a human resources department are to recruit the best people for each individual position within an organization, to ensure that the employees are properly trained, to manage those individuals within the framework of corporate policies, to reconcile conflicts between individual employees and departments, and to ensure that all employee policies are consistent with federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to worker rights and benefits.  Because of its role in the hiring and training of employees, the importance of the human resources departments to the functioning of their respective organizations is substantial.  Ways that human resources departments can improve their performance for the benefit of the larger organization include processing existing employees through available “continuing education” courses to ensure those employees remain current in their areas of expertise; remaining current themselves on policies and standards relevant to their respective organizations; refining the process by which employees are vetted and hired to increase the prospects of only hiring the right individuals, as productivity suffers when the wrong people are hired and then have to be replaced or retrained; and interacting more frequently with individual departments within the organization to make sure the managers of each department are being properly resources with respect to staff.  Just as the organization itself must remain forward looking to prevent atrophy, so must human resource departments submit to continuous processes of internal evaluation and improvement.

If the HR department is functioning properly, then the rest of the organization should be similarly functioning properly.  Its responsibilities for recruiting, vetting and hiring personnel are the beginning of a process by which the organization produces and distributes whatever good or service for which it exists.  Management must know that it can rely on the human resources department to provide a continuous stream of qualified, motivated applicants, and that newly-hired personnel are properly processed into the organization, lest lingering problems preclude effective performance on the part of any employees uncertain regarding the bureaucratic components of their jobs.  As such, human resources personnel can improve themselves by remaining current on the evolution of information technologies associated with their work while retaining the proper attitude towards prospective and existing employees.