How may a Christian marriage reflect their beliefs?can you help me i have to write 30 lines :/

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Christians view marriage like the relationship between Jesus and the church or his followers. Jesus is the bridegroom and his followers are the bride. Thus, images of protection and wisdom follow with the masculine view of Jesus, and images of submission and adoration accompany the feminine view of the church. Although the images of Jesus seems very powerful, Jesus is also cooperative offering forgiveness for sin and comfort in times of need. He is also portrayed to serve the church, his wife.

Christians hope their own marriages can reflect these images. The man is expected to mirror Christ's goals, while the woman is to mirror the goals of the church. Should both function that way, the marriage should be happy, cooperative and worthwhile. Christians in general give spiritual authority to a man, but in cases of a man's disobedience, they may see an option for something different.

I hope this hits where you are going. Paul talks about marriage in Romans 8 and that might be a worthwhile read for you in order to help you craft your lines.