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How is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs applied to advertising?

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In advertising, your most basic needs are preyed upon by those desiring to sell products.  Why?  They know that you will act upon those needs being met first and foremost before all others.

The most basic needs are physiological: food, shelter, clothing. You will see ads for baby food and baby products that focus on these needs aimed at parents. Also, many commercials on the kid networks focus on food items. So advertisers focus their timing and programming around who is watching at a given time of day by using the Maslow pyramid of needs.

Next in the hierarchy of needs comes safety: Who is concerned about safety?  Drivers, parents, and consumers of all sorts will have various levels of safety needs.  I have noticed lately that many legal ads are focused on drug safety class action suits. These ads appear during the evening news or on late night TV.  Who is watching at these times?  How might these ads appeal to their safety concerns or issues?

The third item on the hierarchy of...

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