How is Mary Warren a dynamic character?

Expert Answers
Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's interesting to think of the rather timid Mary Warren as a dynamic character in The Crucible, but she is.  She is timid and defers to the wishes of the older, more forceful Abigail almost from the very beginning of the play.  She's been compliant for the Proctors, but she's also been rather lazy--as evidenced by Proctor's reference to the whip when she's a bit disobedient.  When John finally gets her to see that she must go to the court and reveal the girls' duplicity, several days have passed.  That shows her reluctance to do what must be done, for she knows there is likely to be punishment for her when all is said and done.  She tries to tell the truth, she really does.  But Abigail is simply too strong, and she reverts to her timid, obedient, and following ways.  Her journey as a character has come full circle.