How are marriage and family viewed from the three sociological perspectives?

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The sociological perspective called symbolic interactionism focuses on symbols that affect people's interactions. In this perspective, the symbols related to marriage are important determinants of the way people view marriage and family and the meanings that they make of marriage and family. For example, the brides' white dress, the wedding ring, and the large party that are features of many traditional western weddings imply that marriage is for the long term (though, in reality, this may not be the case) and that the marriage involves the bringing together of two families. The traditional practice, not followed by all brides today, in which women assume their husbands' last names is also a symbol of the expectation that marriage is a long-term commitment that brings the families together.

In the functionalist perspective, each part of society interacts in a process that involves interdependence. In this perspective, society comes to a consensus about what will promote the greater good...

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