How are Margaret and Richard alike?there similarities

Expert Answers
goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Margaret and Richard are alike in that they both present us with blatant displays of wickedness, resentment, and sheer evil.  Margaret only plays a minor role in this play, but her dialogue and actions are extremely powerful.  She often prowls the castle mumbling and complaining to herself, and through this behavior we see that her life is full of misery.  Her first line of the play reads, "And lessened be that small, God I beseech him.  Thy honour, state, and seat is due to me."  She is extremely bitter that Richard contributed to the downfall of her husband and essentially robbed him of the throne.

We see many similarities in personality between Richard and Margaret, although Margaret doesn't take her rage and pain to the extreme like Richard does.  She and Richard both wish misery and death upon most of the characters in this play.  Also like Richard, she is unable to move past her frustrations and resentments and continues to prowl miserably through the halls of the castle.  Margaret was placed in this play mostly to represent anger and pain, although she also represents the effects of revenge, selfishness, and evil that are so apparent in this court.