How many years have the Tucks not aged?

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At the beginning of the novel, the Tucks have not aged for eighty-seven years. They detail the story of their immortal origins to Winnie, telling her of how they found the spring in the woods and all drank from it out of thirst. It took them a while to realize the effects of the spring, and as time passed, the immortality took its toll on their lives.

Being pursued by people interested in their secret and losing family members because of their longevity, they decided to hide their secret and keep separate, returning to reunite with the family every ten years. It has been many cycles of departing and reuniting by the point the events of the novel take place, and the Tucks have resisted aging for eighty-seven years.

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The Tuck family has not aged for 87 years.  

At the beginning of chapter 7, the Tuck family narrates the origins of their immortality to Winnie Foster. They tell her they were heading east and looking for a place to live. Along the way, they came across the magic spring near Treegap. The family decides to make camp because the location is nice. All four members of the Tuck family drank from the spring. The horse also drank from the spring, but the cat did not. As the Tucks continued on living, they notice they no longer age. They also notice they don't die from things that should kill them. The spring granted them immortality, and it has been 87 years since the Tucks drank from the spring. 

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