How many words does Mrs. Granger's large dictanry have in Frindle?

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Mrs. Granger’s large dictionary has more than 450,000 words.

Mrs. Granger loves words.  Nick’s class is not as thrilled.  She tries to inspire them to accept the magic of words by showing them a huge dictionary.

“That one book contains the definitions of more than four-hundred fifty thousand words.  Now wasn’t I right, Nicholas?  All of this will mean so much more since you learned about it on your own.” (Ch 3, p. 29)

Nick was desperate to waste time in class, but Mrs. Granger was on to his game.  She took his trick and twisted it to use against him.  Nick tried to fight back and save his reputation by asking who decided what the words should mean—and” frindle” was born.

The idea of children questioning the status quo is nothing new, but Frindle is inspiring because it not only gets kids to ask the questions, it also tells them they are the ones that can come up with the answers.  Nick’s experiment to try to get people to start calling a pen a “frindle” was brilliant, even if it did annoy some of the adults.  Mrs. Granger knew that Nick was special, and took the brave step of being Devil’s Advocate to see how far she could push him without him knowing she was rooting for him the entire time.

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