How many and who are the visitors that visit Sam in "My Side of the Mountain"?I know it's Bando, Matt and his dad

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first two people Sam encounters are not exactly welcome visitors.  In Chapter 6 he runs into "a little old lady in a pale blue sunbonnet" who is picking strawberries and berates him for wasting his time up in the mountains alone.  In Chapter 8, Sam sees as fire warden who is looking for him, but he manages to elude the official, and the man finally goes away.

In Chapter 12, Sam meets Bando, a nice older man with tired blue eyes that "(d0) not look scared or hunted".  The two strike up an amiable friendship, and Bando comes to visit many more times, bringing news from the city.

On Christmas Day in Chapter 18, Dad comes to visit Sam, and he stays until the New Year begins.  In Chapter 20, Sam is discovered by Matt Spell, a student who works after school at a newspaper and wants to write a story about Sam.  Sam gets Matt to agree to keep his identity and whereabouts a secret in exchange for allowing Matt to stay with him on the mountain over spring break. 

In Chapter 21, Sam meets a young man named Aaron, and the two exchange songs.  In Chapter 22, Sam makes friends with Tom Sidler, who helps him catch a turtle and comes to visit "almost every weekend" thereafter.  Finally, in Chapter 22, Dad returns with Mom and Sam's seven siblings, and the family builds a house for Sam on the mountain.

So, counting the warden, the old lady, Bando, Matt, Aaron, Tom, and Sam's Dad, Mom, and siblings, Sam has fifteen visitors.