How many unpaired electrons are present in the tetrahedral complex [CoCl4]^2-  

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First we have to identify the charge of the cobalt ion in the tetrahedral complex `[CoCl_4]^(2-)` .

`x + (-1 x4) = -2`

`x = -2 + 4`

`x = +2 = Co^(2+)`

Looking at the periodic table we can see that the element cobalt has a configuration of `4s^2 3d^7` and the cobalt ion would be `3d^7` .

For tetrahedral complexes the crystal field splitting diagram will have its t2g orbitals higher than the eg orbitals. 

__ __ __ `t_(2g)`

  __ __    `e_g`


Filling up the diagram would lead us having two paired orbitals (2 `e_g` 's) and three unpaired electrons on the `t_(2g)` orbitals.




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