How many types of regional climates are found in Asia?

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All over Asia there are 11 types of regional climates, plus mountain type.Equatorial climate , with heavy rainfall throughout the year, includes Indonesian archipelago, part of the Philippines and Malay Peninsula, ie Asia SE. Wet tropical climate ,  type, has a short dry season (winter). Is specific for Indochina and India.

Semi-arid tropical climate with a long season without rain (8-9 months per year),is met over some strips of India (Thar), and especially in  Indian Plateau (Deccan Plateau).Arid tropical climates (desert) is specific to Saudi, West Pakistan and Afghanistan (where summer rainy  monsoons stick to the NE and do not affect the mainland lying to the west of India).

Subtropical climate with rainy summers includes China and southern Japan, where  summer monsoons without bring rain from the Pacific Ocean. Mediterranean climate, with arid summer, is specific to the Mediterranean coast, southern Black Sea, advancing to the sheltered valleys to the south, under the Zagros Mountains to the Persian Gulf. It occurs relatively at the same latitude the climate before, but west facade of the continent.
Temperate climate with harsh winters, the damp type, has a very large expansion, from the Urals to the Pacific, including the part of northern China, especially in Japan.Winter is especially harsh, as we go eastwards. Here, for the northern light of day, is cold pole-Oimiakon , with - 71 degrees Celsius.

Temperate continental climate with harsh winters, but dry (steppe) is located above the southern climate (Central Asia, Tibet, part from Gobi, etc.). 
Temperate continental arid climate  (desert) occupies the center of the continent, east of the Caspian, north of the range of Himalaya.

Continental climate of the tundra (or subpolar) has very cold  winters. Occupies the strip of northern Taiga. Here is another pole of cold-Verhoiansk (-60 degrees Celsius). Annual rainfalls are below 250 mm
The polar climate is considered that one the glaciers, the Arctic islands specifically. It is a "white" desert,where wildlife are developed only along the coasts.

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