How many total of CS^2 valence electrons?What is lewis structure?What is molecular shape?What is bond angle?Is CS^2 polor or non-polar? Is CS^2 resonance yes or no?

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CS2 is called Carbon disulfide. First we need to count the total number of valence electrons. We just add the valence electrons of each atoms involved.

C = 4

S = 6 x 2


    16 electrons

Next, we have to assign the central atom; In this case it is C.

Now we have to connect the atoms and form bonds. We can form two C=S bonds. 

  S = C = S

Finally, we have to distribute the remaining electrons on S provided that it follows the octet rule. 

  ..           ..

  S = C = S

  ''            ''

CS2 is similar with Carbon dioxide (CO2) in terms of geometry. CS2 is a linear molecule therefore it has a bond angle of 180 degrees.

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