How many times should I go to the bathroom?

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kuprus05 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In terms of egestion (defecation), the number of times you need to use a toilet will likely be correlated with the amount of dietary fiber consumed on a daily basis. There is no one size fits all recommended rate of toilet use; however a diet consisting of foods which promote constipation will slow egestion frequency.

When dealing with diarrhea, doctors often recommend bananas, bread and rice as foods that are easy to consume and which restrict the loss of water from the large intestine. These foods promote constipation and slow the movement of foods through the alimentary canal (digestive tract). On the other hand, foods high in fiber like carrots, celery, beats, etc. move food through rather quickly.

Depending on your culture, you may consume a diet high in starch and low in unsaturated fats leading to a higher rate of egestion. Therefore, the number of times you go per day may vary. A general rule though is more often tends to be better, because it reduces compaction and retention of undigested material in the colon.

sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On average, when awake, a person should urinate every 2-4 hours.  Total numbers of times would be around 8 per 24 hour period.  Urine production slows greatly during sleep, which is good because otherwise going every 2 hours would mean a person is urinating near 12 times per day.  

There are other factors that affect the rate of urine production.  Simply keeping yourself hydrated will cause the body to go more often, especially if you are intaking more water than is needed for your body's current demand.  Of course you can lose that water through sweat as well, so having a large water intake doesn't always mean more bathroom breaks.  If you are intaking a diuretic, that will increase the rate at which urine is produced as well.  A common diuretic is caffeine.

Some medications can cause frequent urges as well as some medical conditions.  If you are concerned with frequent urination being a problem, you should consult a physician.  

umairhp | Student

Actually it varies from person to person. Your digestive system may be functioning differently from the people around you. Although a healthy person should be doing it once a day or on alternate days. There are some other factors that you should also look for apart from the duration. These include color, smell and shape.

sid-sarfraz | Student

You want to know the number of times you should go to bathroom, well this clearly depends on your situation and the amount of liquids you are having. Normally we should have atleast m 8-10 glasses of water in a day. And suppose you are having 2 glasses of water in an hour then you will need to go to bathroom in an hour. 

Clearly it depends on your need and that depends on the amount of liquid you are having. 

Where as in pregnancy one will have to go to bathroom sooner than normally. 

munmun24 | Student

it depends on person how much water he is drinking. if your bbody sysyems are working properly so you will go bathroom like common man. but you should drink water as your function properly and feel better.

user396107 | Student

This is an interesting question but I don't think you should think of a number of times you should go to the toilet a day. You are not trying to obtain this number and then stop. You really want to drink as much water to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed and not thirsty. 

ik9744 | Student

This is a hard question to answer. It all depends on the amount of water you actually drink. If you drink the 'supposed' amount of 8 glasses a day [2 liters or half a gallon], then you'll probably go every few hours. I would say approximately between 2-3 hours each. On the other hand if you don't think you  are urinating on an average rate or you aren't urinating at all it's probably a disease and should be checked out immediately. I would go no more then 20 times a day and no less then 5 times a day. If you are on a plane or bus frequently and you have a disease called, "Shy Bladder" You wouldn't be able to urinate on a moving vehicle. You should probably try to hold it in, but holding in your urine is actually bad for you. If you had an experience when you just can't use the bathroom for a certain reason then few hours after you don't feel it anymore it's because it went back up your system. So on the short hand holding your urinate.