How many times did Dana hit Roy on the head in Hoot?

Expert Answers
rmhope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dana Matherson is the quintessential bully in Hoot. As the new kid at school, Roy is the perfect target, and Dana plasters his head against the window of the school bus and chokes him. Gasping for air, Roy punches over his head and manages to break Dana's nose. Later, when Roy comes back on the school bus after a two-week bus suspension, Dana starts threatening him. Roy figures he'll let Dana get the revenge out of his system, so he tells Dana to hit him. Dana whacks Roy on the side of the head once, and Roy asks him if he feels better. Dana swears and says he does, then smacks Roy again, toppling him over. Roy sits up and starts reading his comic book again, and Dana hits him one more time. The school bus stops to take on additional students, and Roy gets no more abuse from Dana for the rest of the ride. When Roy looks back toward where Dana is sitting, he sees Beatrice took a seat next to Dana. If it hadn't been for Beatrice, Dana may have hit Roy several more times. As it was, Dana only hit Roy on the head three times, but that was enough to give Roy a "pounding headache."