How many times on an average do u shop in a month and from where...?  How many times on an average do u shop in a month and from where...?  

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I usually shop on weekends.  I avoid shopping during the week if I can, because I am so busy.  I often shop at discount stores.  I like to go to Target best, but I also frequent Kohl's.  I buy my groceries at Target most of the time, or at Trader Joe's.

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Our family has a joke that we should have our checks direct deposited at Wal-Mart. We buy groceries, personal items, household supplies, and even gas there. Of course with three daughters there are other places we have to shop, but the majority of our shopping takes place there.

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We generally shop at a WalMart at least 5 times a month. We generally get our groceries there as well as household supplies. Unfortunately we also have to visit a gas station five or six times a month between all vehicles.

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You'd have to define "shop". I will define "shop" as making any new purchase of goods or services.

To answer your question, about once a week I shop for gas and usually from Shell or BP. About twice a week I shop for groceries and small household items and usually get them from Walmart. About five or six times a month I shop for fast-food and usually get that from Wendys, but I'll sometimes use Taco Bell as well. I usually shop for used books and articles of clothing about twice a month, and get them from yard sales or thrift shops. About once a month I shop for school supplies and I usually get them from Walmart. About once every other month I shop for home improvement supplies and I usually get them from Walmart as well.

I hope that helps.

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On average, I shop at least three times a month. I shop for groceries twice a month and go shopping once a month. However, the number varies and changes from season -- such as when a special holiday is coming up. Or, if I see something I really want online at a specific store, I have to get the product right away. I go shopping for those reasons too. I am a very materialistic person sometimes. 

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I do grocery shopping at least once a week, if not more if I've forgotten something.  General household products such as toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, dish soap, foil, sandwich bags, and the like is usually purchased once every 4-6 weeks.  Fun purchases such as books, records, movies, or toys are purchased once per month if we have been frugal.

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In an average month I will probably purchase something online probably once or twice although I can spend hours looking at products online while comparing prices from site to site. Only in the end to end up not even getting the product. I also wish my budget was a little bigger so I could buy nearly everything I see haha.