How many steps are there in making a bill a law?

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There are many steps in making a law.  First, a bill has to be introduced into one house of Congress. Then it goes to a committee. If the committee approves the bill, it goes to that full house of Congress.  If it passes that house, then it goes to the other house. It then goes to committee. If the committee passes the bill, it goes to that full house of Congress.  If it passes that house and is identical in wording to the bill that passed the other house, it then goes to the President for signing.** If the President signs the bill, it becomes law.  If the President vetoes it, it goes back to both houses of Congress.  Congress can override the veto with a 2/3 vote in both houses. It then becomes law. Thus, there can be between seven and nine steps needed for a bill to become a law.

**(If the bills aren’t identical in wording, a conference committee forms to work out the differences.  Once an identical bill passes both houses, it then goes to the President.)

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