how many squared pieces can i get from a 36 inch by 21 inch pizza?

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steveschoen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This answer can vary.  Because, we don't know how big of "squared pieces" the problem is asking for.  Given that, in theory, we could get an infinite number of squared pieces, because each squared piece could be infinitesimally small, just as long as it is a square.

Assuming that the pizza isn't a circular pizza and probably is a rectangular pizza, since we are given 2 "distance", probably the dimensions of the pizza, the length and the width, and assuming we make 1 inch squared pieces of pizza (each piece = one inch each side), then we would only be finding the area of the pizza.  Here, the area of the pizza = the number of 1 inch squared pieces we can get.

The formula to find the area of a rectangle would be:

A = L*W

A = area

L = length

W = width


A = 36*21 = 756 square inches of pizza, so we can get 756 one inch square pieces of pizza.

Again, as a caveat, if we are looking for the number of pieces of pizza that are 1/2 inches on each side, then there would be 72 pieces that incorporate the length and 42 pieces that incorporate the width (cutting the length and width of each side in half doubles the number of pieces along each side of the pizza).  So, then, when we find the area:

A = 72*42 = 3024 pieces of pizza

Dividing each side by 2 increases the number if pieces by a factor of 4.  The formula "begins" with the area of a rectangle.  But, as the pieces get smaller in size, the number of pieces would increase.  In turn, as the pieces get larger, the number of pieces would get smaller.

the answer can be different because we do know know how big the pizza squares you want are...but assuming there 1x1 pizza squares...

you can get 756 pizza squares by multiplying36 and 21

mchandrea | Student

The number of pizza squares you can get from a 36in by 21in pizza would vary depending on the size of the squares. Assuming that this is a rectangular pizza and not a circular one, we should get first the area of the entire pizza. The area of a rectangle is computed through the formula Area = length * width .

The area of this pizza is A = 36in * 21 in

                                   A = 756 in^2

For example, lets say the square pieces we are supposed to count should be 2 inches. It would have an area of 4in^2. To determine the number of pieces, we just divide the area of the rectangle with  the area of the square. Which then gives us a final answer of 189 pieces.

nisarg | Student

36in*21in  is the size of the pizza

756in squared is the area

so you have 756 inch squares


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ayl0124 | Student

Assuming that each square piece of pizza is 1 sq. in., you will need to find the total sq. in. of the pizza. To do this, you need to find the area.

`"Area" = "length" xx "width"`  

Assume that the length of the pizza is 36 inches and the width is 21 inches. Which side is which actually does not matter, however. 

`"Area" = 36 xx 21`

`"Area" = 756`

Note that by multiplying two "inches," you get one "sq. inches."

`"in" xx "in" = "in"^2`

rachellopez | Student

Well first you would have to find the area of the pizza. Area is just length times width, so you would multiply 36 by 21 which gives you 756 in^2 of pizza. Now how many pieces this would make depends on how big you'd   want the pieces to be. If you wanted 1 inch squares you would have 756 pieces. However if you wanted 2 inch squares it would be less. It changes depending on the size.

nicole8923 | Student

It would all depend on how big the squares that you want are. If you know how big the squares are, then you would simply use this formula to find the area of the pizza: L*W

Then you would get 756in^2 of pizza, but since you are cutting them in half you have double the amount so you simply multiply 21 by 2 and 36 by 2.

You then get 3024 as the answer to your problem.