How many short stories, in all, has Khushwant Singh written?

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Khushwant Singh is a novelist and journalist. He is of Indian descent (born in Punjab in 1915).

Singh has written many different novels, short stories and a single play. Singh's short stories were written between 1950 and 1989. He wrote six different collections of short stories.

1. The Mark of Vishnu and Other Stories (published in 1950).

2. The Voice of God and Other Stories (published in 1957).

3. A Bride for the Sahib and Other Stories (published in 1967).

4. Black Jasmine (published in 1971).

5. The Collected Stories (published in 1989).

A complete collection of his short stories, The Collected Short Stories of Khushwant Singh contains 32 different short stories. Given that this is a complete collection, one can assume that it contains all of the short stories he ever wrote.


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