In "The Crucible", how many people have been arrested and sentenced for witchcraft by Danforth?

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Although The Crucible reveals that in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 21 innocent people lost their lives, hundreds more were imprisoned upon Danforth's signature.  In addition, Danforth has condemned to death approximately 400 in the surrounding communities. 

Let's not forget that in the being of the proceedings, Danforth is doing exactly what he believes his job requires, that is to rid Salem and the world of witches and witchcraft.  However, by the time Danforth finds out that Abigail and the girls are pretending, he is already too deeply involved with condemning hundreds of innocent people of witchcraft that he cannot turn back or overturn his convictions without embarrassment and/or losing his job and reputation. 

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i think it was 91 who were condemned to death in Salem but in the total surrounding areas it was like 400 or so.

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