How many people died during the starving time in Plymouth?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

According to William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation, over half of the settlers died during the "Starving Time" of the winter of 1620. He wrote that 2-3 people died a day, and there were only a few Pilgrims well enough to help the sick. Out of the approximate 100 who arrived, half of them died. The Starving Time occurred because the voyage of the Mayflower had been long and delayed by violent storms on the trip over to the New World. When the Pilgrims finally landed, the area was experiencing a terrible, harsh winter. Many were already sick from the extended voyage, and upon landing they had to work to build shelter and take care of other necessities to survive. They didn't have enough provisions for the entire group, and therefore, many succumbed to starvation. It wasn't until the Native American Squanto came to the settlers' rescue that things got better for the unprepared colony. 

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