How many people could the Roman Coliseum hold?  

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The Roman Coliseum is considered one of the most magnificent structures in all of the ancient world. The Coliseum was originally built by Vespasian as a place for the citizens of Rome to go to enjoy entertainment. Historians estimate, based on the remaining ruins, that the Roman Coliseum was able to hold somewhere around 50,000 spectators. These spectators came from all classes of life, with the upper classes in Rome occupying the best and most lavish seats, while lower class citizens had to settle for seats higher up from the action. These seats for the lower classes were much more crowded than those of their upper class counterparts. The spectators would watch as gladiators battled each other and live animals to the death within the central arena. Historians also suggest that the arena could be flooded for the reenactment of famous Roman naval battles! Hope this helps! 

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