How many parts are in a animal cell?

orchid101 | Student

Animal cell consists of the following components:

Cell wall and plasma membrane: The protoplasm of plant cells is separated from the external world by the cell wall which is entirely lacking in animals. The cell wall is a semi- rigid, laminated, external and non-living covering of the cell. Most plant and animal cells have an external covering known as plasmalemma, cell membrane or plasma membrane.

Cytoplasm: The plasma membrane is followed by the cytoplasm which is distinguished into following structures: cytoplasmic matrix, cytoplasmic organoids, microtubules, centrosome, basal granules, cilia and flagella, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi complex, lysosomes, cytoplasmic vacuoles, microbodies, ribosomes, mitochondria and plastids.

Nucleus: the nucleus is a centrally located and spherical cellular component which controls all the vital activities of the cytoplasm.

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