How many pages are in the study guide for "The Reformation" by Diarmaid MacCulloch?

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The Reformation: A History is English historian Diarmaid MacCulloch's (born 1951) 2003 history of religious upheaval in Europe form the late 15th to early 18th centuries, the period generally known as "the reformation."

The eNotes study guide to The Reformation is 1,851 words in length. This is the equivalent to approximately 2 1/2 pages of single-space text printed in a Times New Roman 11 point font on an 8.5-inch x 11-inch sheet of paper with one-inch margins on each side. If double-spaced, this would occupy five pages. By decreasing the font size to 10.5 point, and expanding the margins to one half inch on each side, the study guide can fit on two single pages.

The book itself is 750 pages in length, excluding the index (Penguin Books 2005 paperback binding).

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