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How many muscles does a human body have?

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There are approximately 640 muscles in the human body, although estimates have been made for a total count between 640 and 850 (depending upon whether a muscle is considered single or a group of several muscles). These are further categorized based on which body part they relate to. Using this classification system, we have muscle classes that group those belonging to the head, neck, torso, upper limbs and lower limbs.

More information on the number and name of each of these human muscles can be found here:

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tnp1 | Student

Between 640 and 830 basically 

atyourservice | Student

There is an argument about the certain number of muscles in the body, but one thing both sides can agree on is the fact that there are over 600 muscles. One side believes in 640 while the other believe in 820 so any number between that.

dikshitaboruah | Student

There are about 300 skeletal muscles in the human body. Sort of. It depends on how you count them.

iamkaori | Student
There are approximately 640 skeletal muscles that are named. They are both identical on each side, thus 320 pairs of each muscle, and when added up, 640. If you count them in other ways, you could also say that there are about 300 on each side thus 600.
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