For how many months is Popo in jail in V.S. Naipaul's Miguel Street?

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In the chapter The Thing Without a Name, Popo goes to jail for stealing furniture, paints, and brushes. He had apparently appropriated the materials to fix up the house for his wife's return.

According to the story, Emelda, Popo's wife, had run away with a gardener from Arima. Although Popo had beaten up the gardener in an effort to retrieve his wife, Emelda had not returned until the house had undergone a transformation. Basically, Popo stole materials in order to fix up the furniture and to paint the house. Whatever he couldn't use, he had sold to others. Unfortunately, Popo was caught in the act of selling stolen goods and was sentenced to at least a year in prison.

Hat surmised that, with three months off for good behavior, Popo would only have to serve nine months of his sentence. Because the narrator doesn't substantiate Hat's hypothesis, we are left to assume that Popo served nine months in prison. Surprisingly, after his return from prison, Popo started making all sorts of furniture to sell to others.

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