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How many moles of Na+ ions are in 20 mL of 0.40 M Na3PO4?

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`Na_3PO_4` will ionized as follows in an aqueous solution.

`Na_3PO_4 rarr 3Na^++PO_4^(3-)`

As we can see from the balanced equation one `Na_3PO_4` will give us three `Na^+` moles.

Amount of `Na_3PO_4 = 0.4/1000xx20 = 0.008mol`


Mole ratio

`Na_3PO_4:Na^+ = 1:3`


Amount of `Na^+` `= 0.008xx3 = 0.024mols`


So we have 0.024 moles of `Na^+` ions.

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