How many ml are in 4 quarts of milk?

Expert Answers
jgeertz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1 quart [US, liquid] = 946.352946 milliliters


4 quarts of milk [US, liquid] = 3785.411784 milliliters

Most of the scientific community and the world outside of the United States use the metric system. The United States has its own units of measurement so it is handy to know how to convert between them. Nowadays there are many useful online calculators that allow conversions to be completed with ease (see link below). Additionally it is interesting to note that there is a distinction made between liquid and dry measurements. Liquid measurements are used primarily in recipes and cooking. Whereas dry measurements are often reserved for produce, soil, etc. Here is an example of the difference:

1 quart [US, dry] = 1101.22095 ml

1 quart [US, liquid] = 946.352946 ml

culain | Student

There are 3785.41 milliliters per 4 quarts of milk