How many levels of hell are there in Dante's The Inferno?  What does Dante see on each? From the book The Inferno, Canto 33 and 34 by Dante Alighieri.  

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Here are the levels:

Level 1) Limbo: a peaceful and sad place, a place of unbaptised, non Christian souls.

Level 2) The level of the lustful. Strong winds violently blow their souls to and fro for eternity.

Level 3) The level of the glutton. There is constant cold, heavy, filthy rain. A great and ugly dog, Cerebus, bites at the sinners in the storm.

Level 4) Here, near the river Styx, the greedy and insatiable roll great weights against each other. Plutus, the wolf of wealth threatens all who dwell here.

Level 5) The realm of the River Styx. Here the people who spent their lives in anger bite at each other constantly, and those who were ever gloomy and negative fight with the black mud at the bottom and gasp for air.

Level 6) The City of Dis. Satan's city where a vast land is enclosed by iron walls. Those who didn't believe in God, the heretics, buen here forever in their graves. The three bloody furies dwell here.

Level 7) A place of boiling blood. The deeply wicked, the sinners, the criminals, all of society's lowlifes are here. They are all eternally pierced by arrows. Bodies are ripped apart again and again, and sinners drown in excrement.

Level 8) The Maleboge. A large oval arena, filled with pimps, seducers, liars and cheat, and the like. They are whipped here by demons and thrown into boiling tar pits.

Level 9) Cocytus: Where Satan dwells. His great wings bring icy winds. Sinners against God, family and country are here frozen in ice and the torment of eternal despair.

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