How many kids did Vincent Van Gogh have?

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Van Gogh had no children of his own.

However, in 1882, after he had to leave his home in Etten, he moved to The Hague and lived in a small studio with a prostitute named Sien Hoornik. She already had a four-year-old child named Maria. Later that same year, Sien gave birth to a boy named Willem. Although, like Maria, Willem was not Van Gogh's biological offspring, he was happy to have these two children. But by 1883, the relationship between Sien and Vincent deteriorated and fell apart. There is no further evidence that Van Gogh had any other children.

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Unfortunately, Vincent van Gogh had no children. He did; however, lived with a woman named, Sien Hoornik, where she already had a 4 year old daughter named Maria. Afterwards, Sien Hoornik gave birth to another child, a boy. Although Vincent van Gogh did not father any children, he did treat Sien Hoornik's children as his own.

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He had no children.

In 1882 Vincent moved into a small studio in The Hague with a pregnant prostitute, Clasina Maria Hoornik ( Sien ) and her five year old daughter.

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Vincent never had children that were actually his. Although, he lived with Sien who had a young girl and a baby on the way. Vincent and Sien's relationship did not last long.



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