how many important books were written on Shakespeare's use of dreams ?                                  Like the dream of Calpurnia regarding Julius Caesar

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Again, I thought I added more than one internet cite, but, only one stuck.

So here is another one, where you may be able to find some resources on the use of dreams in Shakespeare:

rmrose | Student

Marjorie Garber wrote a book, entitled "Dream in Shakespeare." I have not read it, but, it is on my "list." ;-)

It was popular for a while to approach Shakespeare with a Freudian view. That style has pretty much run its course, although I am sure there are still those who still try it. I am sure that if you did a Google (or LeapFish) search, you will get hundreds of hits!

Specific to Calpurnia's dream? I am not sure. Scouring some of the literary resources such as SHAKSPER, or William Shakespeare and the Internet, etc., may yield some results.

I am sure that if you were to read some of the books and articles of criticism (staging and literary) of Julius Casar, Calpurnia's dream will be addressed.

I thought I had provided some links, but, I do not see them. Here they are:

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