How many grams of Zn will be produced from 3.00 mol of Ca in the following reaction: Ca + ZnCO3 → CaCO3 + Zn

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The reaction between calcium and zinc carbonate leads to the formation of calcium carbonate and zinc. The chemical equation of the reaction is:

Ca + ZnCO3 --> CaCO3 + Zn

In the reaction one mole of Ca reacts with one mole of ZnCO3 to give one mole of CaCO3 and one mole of Zn. 3 moles of Ca will yield 3 moles of Zn. The molar mass of zinc is 65.38. 3 moles of zinc have a mass of 196.14 g.

When 3 moles of Ca take part in the reaction represented by: Ca + ZnCO3 --> CaCO3 + Zn, 196.14 g of zinc is produced.

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First balance the given reaction.

This reaction is balanced 

Ca + ZnCO3---> CaCO3 + Zn.

Given is 3 moles of Ca.

So now we have to find that how many moles of Zn is formed when 3 moles of Ca is reacting.

From the reaction we can see that they are in the 1:1 ratio that means one mole of Ca give rise to one mole of Zn.

So 3 moles of Ca will give rise to 3 moles of Zn.

Now we are asked to find the mass.

We got 3 moles of Zn.

Moles = mass / molar mass.

Mass = Moles * Molar Mass

Mass = 3 mole * 65.39 gm/mole

Mass = 196.17 gm.

Therefore when 3 mole of Ca is reacting 196.17 gm of Zn is formed.


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