How many grams of solute are contained in 95.0 ml  of a 1.80% "weight by weight"  solution?

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mwmovr40 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A "weight by weight" solution is a mixture in which the concentration is measured as the ratio of the mass of the solute in grams divided by the volume of the solution measured in milliliters expressed as a percent, assuming that the solvent is water (density of 1g/mL).

The formula is (%W/W) = grams solute/volume of solution.

To determine the mass of the solute you must do a step of algebra and isolate the variable for mass:

grams of solute = (%W/W)x volume of solution

Before we can do the calculation we must also convert the percent to a decimal.

grams of solute = 0.0180 X 95.0 = 1.71 grams.