How many generals in the history of mankind fought over a hundred battles and did not lose even a single one? Name them.

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I'm not sure this question can be answered, since many of the greatest undefeated commanders lived in ancient times when there was no true documentation of events. However, I have included a list of generals who were never defeated in battle.

  • Alexander the Great. Considered by many the greatest commander of all time, Alexander (356 B. C.-323 B. C.) won dozens of battles, but whether he won more than 100 is unknown.
  • Sargon the Great. Akkadian emperor (2200-2300 B. C.)
  • Yue Fei. General (1103-1142) of the Southern Song Dynasty(1127-1279), was undefeated in as many as 80 battles.
  • Bai Qi. Qin general (died 257 B. C.) whose armies killed more than a million soldiers, earning him the nickname "Human Butcher." He captured at least 70 cities during his 30 years in command.
  • John II Komnenos.  Byzantine emperor (1087-1143) who regained many lands lost to the Turks during his 25 year reign.

Undefeated generals of modern times include Shaka Zulu (19th century Africa); 1st Duke of Marlborough (17th-18th century British); Louis Nicolas Davout (Napoleon's only unbeaten marshal); Alexander Suvorov (Russian field-marshal); and Fedor Ushakov (18th century Russian naval commander, undefeated in more than 40 naval battles).

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Two generals who fought over a hundred battles and were never defeated were:

1. Khalid ibn- al Walid: (592- 642) He is also known as Sword Of Allah.He served as a General in conquest of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Damascus.

2. Genghis Khan: reign:(1206-1227) He is also considered as one of the best Generals of the world . He conquered China and other countries and expanded Mongolia.

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