How many fires did Rue have to start as Katniss destroyed the careers' supplies?

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original plan was for Rue to set three fires.  Each fire would draw the careers attention farther away from their supplies.  Each fire is set using fresh, green wood to ensure that it will generate plenty of visible smoke.  Katniss and Rue plan to meet back at a particular location and they even discover a way to communicate through the mockingjays.  Rue is able to set the first fire and draw the tributes away.  Foxface appears and halts Katniss's progress for a short time.  Rue is able to continue to draw the tributes away as she lights the second fire.  It is then that Katniss destroys the supplies.  After Katniss recovers from the blast, she begins looking for Rue.  She realizes something must be wrong because Rue did not light the third fire.  Katniss cannot find Rue at their meeting place and she begins to panic.  Shortly after the fires and the destruction of the supplies, Rue is found and killed by another tribute. 

zumba96 | Student

Rue was originally supposed to light 3 fires but when Katniss was trying to lure the careers away, Foxface entered her way and halts Katniss's progress, yet Rue is able to make the other tributes follow her and away, yet when Rue does not light the 3rd fire, Katniss gets worried and searches for Rue where she finds her killed and takes revenge of Rue's killer.

askmel123 | Student

Rue had set up 3 fires. but she only started 2.

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