How many elements are in the periodic table?  Has this number changed over the years?

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The periodic table is a table of all the elements known arranged according to their outer electronic configuration.

The number of elements in the periodic has increased over the years that it was created. In 1789 a list of 33 elements was published by Antoine Lavoisier. Soon scientists saw that based on the chemical properties of the elements, they could be grouped together with each having similar properties. By 1864, 49 elements were part of the table.

As the elements were arranged in the form of lists several gaps were left, these were soon filled in with scientists discovered more elements over the years. Francium was the last naturally occurring element to be discovered and this happened in 1939.

Later many new elements created by nuclear bombardment were introduced into the table. The latest element to be discovered in July 2009 has made the number of elements in the periodic table equal 117.

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there are 118 elements on the periodic table, and yes the number has changed as it started with only 33 elements. Over the years new elements were discovered including a few that dont naturally occur.