How many donkeys lived in New York during colonial times?

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juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The origin of the donkey can be traced to Africa.  The first donkeys to be transported to North America came with Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage in 1495.  He brought four males (jacks) and two females (jennies). There is no accurate account of any offspring from these six animals.  However, it has been noted that they produced the animals which were used by the Spaniards as they traveled further into the mainland.

The main breeding stock for modern day North America's donkeys were imported in 1929.  Robert Green, a New York stockbroker, order six jennies and one jack to be shipped to New York.  Misfortune claimed the lives of three of the jennies.  However, the remaining four survived to be the founders of the lineage that is dominant today.

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