How many degrees do an angle and its reflex angle total? Draw 2 shapes that have this number of degrees.

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steveschoen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The drawings are on the attachment.

An angle and its reflex angle have to total 360 degrees.  Or:

Angle + Reflex Angle = 360 degrees

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a reflex angle is the angle that goes from one end of the actual angle, to the other end of the actual angle, going the opposite direction of the actual angle

therefore the angle plus its reflex angle will always make a full circle, therefore their sum will always be 360.

mchandrea | Student

Any reflex angle would have to be more than 180 degrees but less that 360 degrees. Whichever angle it is, adding it to another angle which could be an acute angle or an obtuse angle, the total would still be 360 degrees. As for the shapes, I think the outer angle of an acute  or an obtuse triangle is a good example of a reflex angle. Check the attached picture. 

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rachellopez | Student

A reflex angle is an angle that is greater than 180 but less that 360```` degrees. An angle and its reflex angle will add up to 360 degrees. Imagine a circle. A circle has 360 degrees and if you had an angle, lets just say 60, the reflex angle would be the remaining degrees in a circle which is 300.