How many decimals are in 267897?well u haft to count places in order to believe that it's right

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cburr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Also, note that this number does not have what is typically referred to as "decimals".  We use that term for portions of a number that are less than one.

For example, the number 6 and 5 tenths would be written 6.5

Since 5 tenths = one half, this number would be the same as    6 1/2.

Decimal places stretch out to the right in much the same way as the place value of whole numbers stretches out to the left.


.1     is one tenth

.01   is one hundredth

.001  is one thousandth

.0001 is one ten-thousandth


Whether you are in the "decimal" places or in the whole numbers, moving a number one place to the left makes it 10 times larger.  Moving a number one place to the right makes it 10 times smaller. So,

moving 1 one place to the left = 10

moving the 1 in 10 one more place to the left = 100

moving the 1 in 10 one place to the right = 1 again

moving that 1 one more place to the right = .1

neela | Student

The number 267897 is having 6 digits, with 6 places from right  starting from 7  to  2 in the most left, the 6th place.

7 is  in unit place. Its value is 7.

9 is the second digit from right,  adjacent and left to 7. Its place is ten's. Value of 9 =9*10=90.

8 is the 3rd digit in 100's place and the value =8*100=800.

7 is the 4th digit from right to left.Its value is 7*1000 =7000.

6 is the 5th digit from right andin  it is 10000's place. The value  of 6 at this place =6*10000 =60000.

2 is the 7th digit from the right , it is in 100000's (100 thousand's) place and its value is 2*100000=200000(two hundred thousand.

So the number is by place value tabulated as below:

100thousand 10thousand Thousands Hundreds tens units.

2                     6               7               8        9     7.

In words it is read as: Two hundred  sixty seven thousand, eight hundred ninety seven.

rayray7623 | Student

This number is a "whole" number so it does not need any decimals. Perhaps you are meaning to ask how many commas are in the number 267897. There is one comma in this number. The comma goes between the first 7 and the 8. Your number now looks like this: 267,897.