How many days do the Woods spend preparing to have Reverend Bulkeley to their home for dinner in Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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The women of the Wood house spent "the better part of four days" preparing to have Reverend Bulkeley to their home for dinner.

There was much to be done in preparing for the honored guest;

"Every inch of the great kitchen had been turned inside out. The floor had been fresh-sanded, the hearthstone polished, the pewter scoured. The brick oven had been heated for two nights in a row, and the whole family had gone without sugar since Sunday to make sure that the minister's notorious sweet tooth would be satisfied."

In addition, there was the food to prepare, and Rachel Wood had made a batch of her delicious apple tarts.

Reverend Bulkeley enjoys the meal immensely, but unfortunately, the atmosphere in the house during his visit is strained. The Reverend is a staunch loyalist, while Matthew Wood sympathizes with the rebel cause. The Reverend does not hesitate to make his opinions known, and Matthew is infuriated by a number of his pointed comments. Indeed, although the women try to defuse the situation, there is so much contentiousness beneath the conversation between the guest and the master of the house that when the Reverend leaves, Matthew declares,

"That is the last time...that I will have Gershom Bulkeley under my roof" (Chapter 6).

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