What are the top benefits of green tea, and does it affect blood pressure and nose bleeds?

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Green Tea is tea made from the leaves of the tea tree (Camellia sinesis). Green Tea is green because it undergoes less oxidation than black tea, and is closer to its raw form.

The Health effects of green tea are varied and well documented. Most of the effects are related to its high level of antioxidants and specifically natural polyphenols, which are unique to tea. Namely, ECGC, which has been shown to be a very powerful antioxidant and is believed to be responsible for most of green tea's effects.

It has been shown that green tea may help to prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease, aging, assist in weight lost, prevent tooth decay, improve cholesterol, boost immunity and lower blood pressure. However, there is little definitive scientific support for these claims and still a great deal of mystery surrounding green tea's affect on the body.

Green tea may affect nosebleeds in a few ways, one is that it has been shown to lower blood pressure which may help, but it is also very high in vitamin K. Vitamin K helps the blood to clot, this may also help to treat nosebleeds, although at very high levels vitamin K can be dangerous.

There are a variety of thoughts about how to introduce green tea to one's diet. It can be taken as a supplement in the form of an extract. Or through traditional brewing, the amount of tea or tea extract needed to achieve the benefits can vary. As much as 10 cups is recommended for weight loss. However, 4-6 cups daily will provide enough antioxidants to achieve benefits, more than this may cause excessive caffeine levels and disrupt other bodily functions requiring caution to be used in cases of existing illness.

sid-sarfraz | Student


Green tea is a healthy beverage if its taken properly and timely. If someone is taking green tea too much then it can effect his body system. Green tea comes from a plant namely Camellia Sinensis plant (Tea tree). It undergoes less oxidation during processing that is why its color is green and its in raw form. 


  1. Green tea reduces the risk of cancer
  2. Helps in loosing weight
  3. Lowers cholestrol
  4. Considered as an anti-oxidant
  5. Maintains blood pressure
  6. Keeps bones strong
  7. Prevents diabetes
  8. Reduces plaque in mouth
  9. Reduces stroke risk
  10. Boosts immunity
  11. Soothes skin
  12. Treats dark circles
  13. Gets rid of wastes and harmful substances in the body
  14. Used as a remedy for typhoid
  15. Used as a remedy for dierrhea
  16. Prevents food poisoning
  17. Maintains a healthy circulatory system
  18. Reduces Stress
  19. Protect kidneys and liver
  20. Protects against brain damage
  21. Used in medicines


Green tea lowers blood pressure. 

Where as, everyone is different. Green tea when used in excess it thins blood and in some 1% of people causes nose bleeding.

loraaa | Student

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Two to three cups a day is recommended but 5 cups a day can help reduce risk for stomach cancer.  Anymore than that will usually be too much for your system.  I have not heard anything about green tea lowering blood pressure.  So I cannot say whether or not drinking green tea will affect it.